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Business Club creates chili cook-off

Thank Jessica Gingerich for lunch Dec. 7 if you slurped down a cup or three of $1 chili to warm up after the season’s first snowfall. The Business Club member furnished the idea for its first fundraiser since “Punkin Chunkin.” Gingerich, a second-year accounting major and Goshen resident from Bremen who lives on campus, bought a cup herself from nine slow cookers lining the Barbara Wood Building commons.

Judges Dr. David Fleming, vice president of instruction, and Andrea Wall of Building and Grounds declared the winner to be Jennifer Page’s husband Jon’s batch with brisket.

Taste-tweaked with chocolate and beer, it vanished so rapidly many patrons didn’t glimpse it let alone sample it.

Page is vice president and general manager of an Elkhart company.

“We never would have thought of making chili with brisket,” Fleming said.

“They were so many variations,” Wall added.

In the spirit of variety is the spice of life, customers could also choose from extra spicy, vegetarian, spicy chicken, beef and beans, turkey, Italian goulash and chili con carne.

Page received a trophy the IT Club created on the 3D printer and a $100,000 bill bearing the likeness of Jane Mitchell of the business faculty.

Students spend “Mrs. Mitchell’s Marketing Money” on stocks and bonds in class projects.

“We basically asked volunteers for a pot of chili and made a little competition out of it,” Mitchell said.

She, along with colleague Leon Letter, take the Business Club to Detroit Dec. 8 to visit the new Little Caesars Arena (home of the Pistons and Red Wings), Henry Ford Museum and the Ford River Rouge Complex in Dearborn.

Another project under consideration by the club’s 15 active members is an elegant black-and-white dance like one sponsored in November 2009.